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My name is Felica. I am the Owner and Co-creator of Pure Divinity. I'm glad you are here! Welcome!


       "We Believe in the Divinity with in you"

Everyone deserves peace and happiness in their lives. My journey began because I was seeking those things for my life. I am pleased to say, I've found it, and so much more. It's been and amazing journey and I'm excited to share it with you. I'm very energy sensitive and intuitive. I embrace all gifts the Divine has blessed me with. My work and healing sessions are held in Divine Light.

My Vow is:  To only do good, for the Highest Good for all. By the Grace of God's will.

My passion is Vibrational Healing in many forms and sharing my gifts with others. I am a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Realm Reader, Professional Psychic Advisor and Life Coach. I offer a variety of services and healing sessions.


I am an Artist in many forms. I find great joy in using my abilities to hand craft personalized healing tools and Healing Jewelry. I love making custom pieces! I'm very interested in, and connected to the Crystal mineral kingdom. I'm dedicated to learning and teaching about their wonderful metaphysical healing properties, and how they can greatly benefit ones life. You can find my work online in my Etsy shop Here

 or at local Art shows and Spiritual events.

Felica Allen 

More About Felica

Having the gifts of Clairsentience and Clairaudience. I offer Oracle Card readings and channeled messages from the Archangels and Ascended masters. I am natural born healer and light-worker, intuitive energy reader and teacher.

 My style of readings are very accurate while being compassionate and inspiring.

I'm very energetically sensitive and can sense if there are present energy blocks in the body. I can also assist with removing them. I'm very compassionate and work closely with the Angelic realms, Crystal, Plant and Animal Kingdoms. My purpose is to help. I'm honored to do so! I'm here to assist you on your journey. I look forward to connecting.

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